kate gosselin cries 'Dancing With the Stars' isn't rigged: Kate Gosselin sent home in tearsW-O-W.

Tuesday (April 20) marks not only a big loss for the world’s most talked about mom of eight (yeah, that’s right, Octomom, it’s NOT you!), but a HUGE loss for “Dancing With the Stars” (will the ratings remain sky high?) — not to mention all of us entertainment reporters who have been churning out Kate Gosselin articles faster than her ex-hubby can file another lawsuit.

Gosselin was sent to the Bottom Two at the beginning of the show — the first time she’s ever been in the hot seat. But surely this must have been a ploy, we thought. Just a dirty little “DWTS” trick to keep up hanging on throughout the episode. But no, this was the real deal. Little did we know that Monday would be the last night we’d get to see those now famous slow motion moves across the dance floor.

Gosselin got teary-eyed when Tom Bergeron announced it would be her, not Pamela Anderson (now her second time in the Bottom Two), going home. “I need a minute,” said Gosselin through her tears.

Her partner Tony Dovolani — who was at one point rumored to want to “get rid of her, even if it means losing early” — stepped in when he could see she was struggling to find words.

“I’m very proud of Kate,” said Dovolani. “I give her all the credit in the world for showing up.”

When Gosselin finally got it together, she said, “I’m very honored to have been here.” Then went on to say she had a wonderful teacher and has “really grown to love everyone.” She also thanked her fans “for believing in me probably more than I believe in myself.”

Then in an effort to hang on to every last second with Gosselin before “DWTS” loses her for good (although you know the producers are already plotting a way to bring her back for a “guest appearance” before the season’s end), Bergeron bypassed the option to cut to the standard pre-produced package and kept the camera square on crying Kate.

“Where did the determination come from?” asks Bergeron (interpretation: “How did you keep coming out on the dance floor week after week knowing that late night shows and every media outlet would pick over your every lousy move?”).

“Whatever is worthy of my time, I give it my all,” replied Gosselin. Ohhh … so many possible snide remarks could be made right now. But out of respect for the dearly “DWTS” departed, I shall refrain.

Kate, we will truly miss (making fun of) you and your (awkward) dancing!

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Posted by:Christine Law