dwts season 12 bruno tonioli 'Dancing With the Stars': Kendra Wilkinson keeps pushing 'Potty Mouth Bruno'

After 12 seasons, fans of “Dancing With the Stars” have come to expect a certain type of reaction from judge Bruno Tonioli, but even fellow panelist Len Goodman noticed the introduction of Kendra Wilkinson has pushed Bruno’s commentary to new realms of the hilariously inappropriate.

“Potty-mouth Bruno has been getting away with a lot, coming out with little smutty comments,” Goodman told press after the week 6 results show, where Wilkinson performed an encore of her thrust-filled Samba on top of the judges’ table.

“It’s [like] school children,” he says of the risque praise that has includes begging for “more sex” and frequent references to Wilkinson’s stripper past. “You get away with ‘bugger’ and you try for the next version.”

Kendra seems fine with being on the receiving end of so much of the season’s racy talk — but she is a tad concerned with the series “TV-PG” rating.

“Bruno was hilarious,” she told press backstage after her first run at the Samba, “but I think he forgot that we were on ABC. I was thinking, wow, kids, close your eyes.”

What she was hoped they’d avert their vision from was Bruno’s apparent gesture for a lap dance, not her own shaking — that was something Len was more concerned with.

“I tried not to look up, honestly,” he says. “I thought  no, stay calm, think of England, keep looking down, royal wedding, royal wedding… but then suddenly I couldn’t help myself. I had to look up her skirt. It was a pleasant experience — far nicer than the cupcake ABC gave me as a birthday gift.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell