Dancing-With-The-Stars.jpgWe finally got the list of contestants for Season 14 of “Dancing With the Stars” last week. Now we’re hearing how they all feel about being a part of the show. We’re actually starting to become attached to this cast!

Gavin Degraw claims that he’ll do anything to win, including filling people’s closets with moths so they get holes in their costumes. Um, Gavin, I don’t think any of those costumes are made of wool. Also, extra holes is only going to help. He also said that “there is no amount of man in these shoes,” referring to his dancing shoes.

Donald Driver is teased by partner Peta Murgatroyd about wearing a “onsie” and how she’s going to break him. Melissa Gilbert gives Maksim Chmerkovskiy a hard time about not watching “Little House on the Prairie,” saying that it plays all over the world, “except for the cave you grew up in.” She also says that she would have dated him back in school … except for the little matter of the age difference between them.

Gladys Knight dedicates her appearance on the show to the Pips and says that her grandson was really proud of her for doing “Dancing With the Stars.” She says “It’s been a while since I dressed like this.” She says she has no problem going back to it.

Maria Menounos continues to make partner Derek Hough smile with her giggle and talks about how she has to beat Mario Lopez. Martina Navratilova says she loves embracing the makeup, glitter and hair extensions. She draws the line at fake nails though.

Sherri Shepherd talks about her belly and fat thighs and how sore she is. She also gives partner Val Chmerkovskiy a hard time about taking off his shirt. She says she needs the sexual fantasy. Roshon Fegan also talks about wearing a “onsie” and says his parents love the show.

Jack Wagner says he puts on a brave face but cried three times the first day. Now, he says, he just cries in his car. Jaleel White is so excited to work with Knight, who played his very first TV mom. He also says he might pull out the Urkel dance if it feels organic. We hope so!

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