Nancy-Grace-elimination-cropped.jpgNancy Grace and her partner Tristan MacManus were booted off of “Dancing With the Stars” in Week 8. Not a sentence most people were expecting. Nancy was certainly not a front runner in the betting pools and may not have been the best dancer up there, but her legions of fans pulled her through … until now.

Zap2it caught up with Nancy and Tristan backstage after the show and chatted about what this has all meant to her.

We asked her how she felt about being kicked off. “You know what,” she said, “I feel sad that it’s over and happy that it happened. I’m going to miss Tristan most of all, because regardless of how we were portrayed for a sound bite, we actually hardly ever argued. I know that’s hard to believe. I don’t think one day passed that we didn’t laugh like mad about something. Usually about me.”

“I’m walking away with so much,” she continued. “So many new friends, most of all Tris, but the stars and the pros alike. To me, they were the stars, frankly. Having my twins here and us going through this together is a dream I never thought would happen to me. I’m just thankful and blessed.”

Tristan talked about some of the positive things that came out of it. “Nancy’s raised an awful lot of money for the kids and she’s certainly set an awful lot of examples for her own kids … there are a lot of people who follow the show this season because of Nancy, who haven’t watched the show before … and we’ve seen another side of Nancy, which was something we wanted to do.”

Nancy lost 25 lbs on the show and says she might go back to running to maintain her new body, but she wasn’t sure she’d continue dancing.

One final note, we know public opinion has been that Nancy is a bit
abrasive, but she was a true joy to speak to after every taping. We’ll
miss you Nancy!

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