dancing with the stars season 17 week 1 bill nye tyne interview abc 'Dancing with the Stars' premiere: Bill Nye had a blast dancing the cha cha

Bill Nye the Science Guy didn’t end up being much of a dancing guy on “Dancing with the Stars” Season 17. The comedian and science entertainer landed on the bottom in the first week of performances. With only 14 points awarded from the judges, what did Bill and partner Tyne Stecklen have to say about their dance?

“I had a blast. It was a great time,” Nye said when the show was over. “But we’re at the bottom, so we gotta step up.”

The “DWTS” contestant wasn’t exactly shocked about his scores — even if the judges were, in the words of pro dancer Tyne “a little harsh tonight.” Bill, meanwhile, looked at his bottom position as nothing but an asset. “Nobody cares about you when you’re on top! It’s how you come back,” he said with confidence. “We’re gonna play it like we’re okay. We’re not going to worry about that.”

That’s not to say that Bill and Tyne aren’t going to take a serious look at how they can improve for next week’s dance. However they succeed at that, the results will be very different from the lighthearted cha-cha of week 1. “I think it’s gonna be a more traditional, serious ballroom,” Nye explained seriously before launching back into the jokes. “It’s the paso doble! It’s drama! Masculine! The bull fight! Yeah, I mean, I’m into it. I think it’ll be pretty cool.”

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As for the familiar “Science Guy” trappings on the stage during the performance, Bill very much enjoyed them. “I’m very comfortable in that environment,” he said. “I really do love wearing a lab coat. I love wearing a bowtie.” The giant test tubes didn’t hurt the show either.

Serious about his “DWTS” endeavors, Bill Nye is even reaching back to his earliest comedy roots for inspiration on the dance. One character from those days, a quasi-superhero named Speed Walker proved to be a huge help in the performance. “I was instructed many times by my instructor-ess to put Speed Walker hips into the cha-cha,” Bill revealed.

Want to see how those hips could help? Check out the video below.

It may not have been the most stunning performance of the night, but Bill Nye definitely brought some Science Guy fun to the show. But will the fans respond enough to keep him around?

Posted by:Laurel Brown