mike catherwood dwts headshot 320 'Dancing With the Stars': 'Psycho' Mike Catherwood will sub for Regis Philbin againSince the announcement of his casting in Season 12 of “Dancing With the Stars,” we here at Zap2it have not been quiet about the fact we’re pretty
sure ABC is grooming radio personalty “Psycho” Mike Catherwood to
replace Regis Philbin when he retires from “Live” this fall.

So now that he’s done with his obligation to “DWTS,” can we get a status update on that?

Speaking with press backstage
after his elimination, Catherwood addressed the Regis rumors, admitting he’s returning to the host chair — and sounded a bit more open to the idea of a permanent gig than the last time we discussed it with him.

“I’d love to sit here and say, ‘Oh, yeah my people are talking…’ but I don’t know,” he says. “I’m going back to do “Regis & Kelly” as a guest now, because I got eliminated, but also as a guest host in a couple of weeks to just kind of check back in. They were nice enough to invite me back again, but I can’t tell you any firm ideas of what’s going to happen in my career after this.”

A loose idea of those plans will almost definitely involve television — but not dancing. Catherwood was firm in saying we’ve seen the last of his moves.

I’ve devolved a reverence for the art of dance that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life,” Catherwood says, “but you will not see me on your local dance floor anytime soon.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell