macchio waltz 'Dancing with the Stars': Ralph Macchio overcomes injury to wow with his waltzRalph Macchio is clearly in it to win it. It being “Dancing with the Stars.” The guy has got focus like nobody’s business. But this week his focus — and his dance moves — were seriously challenged by an injury.

But despite that injury (a Baker’s Cyst) and only nine hours (instead of the usual 40) of practice, Macchio and partner Karina Smirnoff turned out a broodingly hot Viennese Waltz. Even if they did dance it to the Scorpions’ “Maybe I, Maybe You.”

Sure the smoke machine hid some of the footwork and Macchio’s gelled-into-standing-up hair and creepy stare at the end kind of scared us, but over all the dance was undeniably well done.

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba even invoked the “K” words — “Karate Kid” — in her critique. “That spirit of Daniel LaRusso lived on tonight,” she said.

Bruno Tonioli was utterly blown away by the dance.

“Vampire lovers, dancing from dusk till dawn,” intoned Tonioli. “Am I going to kill you or love you? Credit to you Ralph.”

Of course, he’s blown away by almost every dance — but we agree in this case.

In his post-dance interview, Macchio admitted he was still in pain. And he’s not done yet — as of this writing, he’s still got to get through the night’s instant dance.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson