jonas dwts ralph 'Dancing With the Stars': Ralph Macchio's cha cha lacks 'hip action'You know it’s not good when Nick Jonas can only muster up a polite golf clap and forced smile (see picture to the left).

Ralph Macchio showed a lot of heart when he danced through an injury on “Dancing With the Stars” on May 2. Unfortunately, sometimes heart just isn’t enough.

Ralph picked a pretty tough week to suffer an injury as the instant dance was added to the mix. The instant dance is where the couple learns the music they will be dancing to only 20 minutes before they have to perform. No easy task.

In their pre-performance package, both Ralph and his professional partner Karina Smirnoff expressed their concern about the dance as the “Karate Kid” star could barely walk with his injury. Unfortunately, his injury hindered the couple’s cha cha and Ralph’s “hip action.”

The audience still seemed to love their performance and the judges applauded Ralph’s dedication. After the performance, Ralph said, “That was my goal: To get through it, sell it, have fun and use the crowd.” Ralph did say his injury should heal in a few days so he hopes the couple will remain in the competition.

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Len Goodman:
“I admire your perseverance and your dedication, but if you have to do two dances and you’re not 100% fit, something has to give and unfortunately, it was this cha cha.”

Bruno Tonioli:
“The cha cha is all about hip action and unfortunately because of your situation, you couldn’t do any. There wasn’t any hip action.”

Carrie Ann Inaba:
“It’s amazing that you were able to pull that off without any rehearsal. I’m very impressed. The hip action wasn’t quite there.”

Carrie, Len and Bruno all scored the couple with 7s, which gave them a total of 46 out of 60 total points.

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