dancing with the stars week 9 results elizabeth berkley val chmerkovskiy eliminated abc 'Dancing with the Stars' results: Elizabeth Berkley eliminated in upset

“Dancing with the Stars” week 9 had the strangest results yet. Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy were eliminated from the competition. Considering that the couple had the second-highest scores of the night, as well as a full season of high-quality dancing, this was indeed a shocker.

Even weirder: Bill Engvall and Emma Slater are still in the competition.

Up until the last moments of the episode, no one would have ever suspected that Elizabeth and Val would be the ones to go. In their first dance of the night, a Viennese waltz, the couple stumbled ever so slightly and earned 26 points out of 30.

But everything was perfect when the pair worked with Gleb Savchenko for a salsa trio. Rave reviews from the judges led to the second perfect score of the night (Corbin and Karina had the other one).

Apparently, perfect scores aren’t always enough.

When it came time to announce the week 9 results, Elizabeth and Val found themselves in jeopardy with Bill and Emma. This second couple wasn’t a surprise — they had the lowest score of the night with only 42 combined points. Votes, however, make all the difference. Bill and Emma were saved by fan yet again, while Elizabeth and Val had to go.

What led to this shocking elimination? Obviously, there is some disconnect between the at-home voters and the judges’ results. Elizabeth isn’t an obscure star — her “Saved by the Bell” fame and “Showgirls” notoriety make that impossible — but it seems that her charisma was not what the viewers were looking for. That or there are not many ’90s kids watching “Dancing with the Stars” these days.

Posted by:Laurel Brown