zendaya coleman dwts dancing with the stars season 12 abc 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 12: Is Zendaya Coleman the 'DWTS' star to beat?

There are some impressive performers on “Dancing with the Stars” Season 12. But it may be the youngest star, Zendaya Coleman, with the best chance to take the “DWTS” top prize this year.

What does the 16-year-old Disney star have going for her?

She can dance.

There haven’t been too many performances this season that have even come close to what Zendaya and her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, bring to the stage every week. Zendaya and Val have been at the top of the “DWTS” leader board for four of the five weeks we’ve seen. In this past week, the couple even achieved the first 10s out of the judges — giving them an impressive 29 points (out of a possible 30) to win the night.

It’s true that dancing ability can be a bit of a drawback on “Dancing with the Stars” — celebrities with previous experience are sometimes seen as ringers — but Zendaya’s hip-hop dancing shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

She appeals to those who vote the most.

In just about every reality competition, it’s the teen viewers who cast the most votes. Older fans just can’t keep up with the tweeting, texting and posting that’s second nature to younger people.

And those are exactly the voters who might know Zendaya. As a Disney Channel star of “Shake It Up,” most of us over the age of 20 had never heard of the girl. Still, she’s been a tween princess for years now.

Besides, everyone loves voting for someone like themselves. Teens should love a teen.

Most of her real competitors are similar types.

As of right now, there are a few “DWTS” celebrities who are pretty much keeping up with Zendaya in the scoring department. Kellie Pickler is currently second in overall points (125) and is best-known for her “American Idol” fame. Gymnast Aly Raisman (third with 120 overall points) meanwhile is only a few years older than Zendaya and has similar advantages in the skills department.

Only football player Jacoby Jones, in fourth place overall, has both high scores and a very different style.

Will Zendaya win?

Obviously, it’s too early to tell. But if dancing alone can win Mirror Balls, then Zendaya Coleman is the one to watch.

Posted by:Laurel Brown