dwts shocking eliminations 'Dancing With the Stars': The 5 most surprising eliminations of Season 11

With Season 11 of “Dancing With the Stars” drawing to a potentially controversial close, it seems the Final Three are on equal footing for either a win or an 11th hour dismissal.

And that sort of makes sense, given how absurd some of the season’s eliminations have been so far. The road the finale is indeed paved with shockers.

And in anticipation of being surprised once again, we’re looking at the five kick-offs that gave us the most pause, starting with 5 (caught off guard) and working our way up to 1 (logic-defying astonishment):

No. 5: The Situation

With the exceptions of Bristol Palin and Jennifer Grey, “Jersey Shore” star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was likely the most hyped Season 11 contestant. But instead of giving us anything impressive or particularly cringe-worthy to watch, he just putzed his way through the first four weeks, leaving with a fizzle.

No. 4: Rick Fox
Rick really only had one, maybe two weeks left in him when he went out in Week 7, but he was the stronger half of the season’s dueling male sports stars. He seemed safe as long as Kurt Warner was still in the game, but he was knocked out a week earlier.

3. Brandy
Yes, many will likely rank this as number 1, but the writing was on the wall for Brandy. Bristol’s connection with the voters, Jennifer’s judges’ table supremacy and Kyle’s unstoppable charm train all left Brandy out in the cold.

2. Audrina Patridge
There was only room for one improving dancer with limited displays of personality on this season of “DWTS,” and it ended up being Bristol Palin. Despite her strong start and one of the season’s most memorable dances during story week, “Hills” star Audrina Patridge went out sixth. Several weeks too soon, if you ask us.

1. David Hasselhoff
Was he good? Not at all. Did he deserve more time in the competition? Hell no. But even that total lack of moves prepared us to say goodbye to the Hoff in Week 1. He was supposed to be our comedic relief, our crotchety old dude who one-liner-ed his way until at least midway through the competition.

Who’s boot hit you the hardest?

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