pam anderson marilyn2 'Dancing With the Stars': Top 5 water cooler buzz momentsIf you missed “Dancing With the Stars” Monday (March 29) or simply want a memory jog of the buzz-worthy moments everyone will be talking about around the water cooler on Tuesday, here’s your cheat sheet:

5. Buzz Aldrin has a one-track mind.
What’s with Buzz Aldrin’s non-stop sexual innuendos? We love this American legend, but after last week when he lusted after his 25-year-old partner, and this week when he insinuated that he and his wife would be doing the deed when he got home (anyone catch Brooke Burke‘s awkward response?), well, this former astronaut is giving a whole new meaning to rocket man. At least we knew this 80-year-old hasn’t lost his mojo!

4. Pamela Anderson subtly reminds us about her sex tapes.
We had high expectations for Pamela Anderson this season, and so far she isnt’ disappointing. The blonde of “Baywatch” fame looked absolutely stunning as Marilyn Monroe, and her “delicious tribute to the original blonde bombshell” (per Bruno) had Carrie Ann praising her versatility of character. Burke thought she’d follow that assessment up by asking if we’ll see all the sides of Pam Anderson this season, to which Pam (staying in M.M. character) responded coyly, “Hasn’t everyone already seen all the sides of Pam Anderson?” Burke doesn’t quite know how to handle that response either. Burke has to stay on her toes with this cast.

3. The Pussycat Doll has all the right moves.
Nicole Scherzinger
wowed the judges once again with her Jive, and Bruno could barely contain his excitement when he shouted “It was phenomenal! I’ve never seen a jive that good on week two.” Carrie Ann seemed to agree, and both judges gave the first 10’s of the season. Scherzinger and her partner blew away the rest of the competition, earning 28 out of 30 possible points for the night.

2. What’s “titivating”?
Len Goodman pulls out his Brit-speak when he asked Pamela Anderson if she’d been “titivating” herself. After muffled laughs from his fellow judges and a confused look from Anderson, Goodman realizes they think he’s said another similar-sounding American word. Goodman tells us the word actually means “to smarten up,” and then tells everyone to go “Google” it. Apparently everyone did, because the word was the top search term on Google Monday night.

1. Kate Gosselin pushes her partner to the brink of quitting.
This might be the most popular cast ever (as the hosts like to continually remind us), but it might also be the whiniest ever too. Jake Pavelka, Erin Andrews and Shannen Doherty all whined and moaned about how their routines were too difficult and/or how their partners were inadequate teachers. However, it was Kate Gosselin who won whiner of the night when her obnoxious behavior pushed her partner Tony Dovolani to the point of storming out of the practice room while declaring, “I quit.” The two eventually make up (for the cameras?), but somehow we don’t think Dovolani will shed any tears if his partner gets sent packing back to her brood of eight Tuesday night.

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