dwts playboy club two half men 'Dancing With the Stars,' 'Two and a Half Men,' more: Zap2it readers weigh in on premieresThe 2011 fall TV season officially kicked off Monday night (Sept. 19), bringing us the old favorites like “Dancing With the Stars” and “Castle” and new faces on “The Playboy Club” and “Two and a Half Men.” What did the Zap2it readers have to say?


“One of the big beefs some people have with these types of shows is the “recovery” of the characters after being shot (with a near mortal wound to boot). Sorry, but no one who had their chest cracked open is going to return to work in three months. (Nor would they be sitting up in the bed the very next day…) I’ll suspend my disbelief because it was a good episode.” – Jenn Zellers

“The Playboy Club”:

“Surprisingly, I’m very excited about the prospects of this show. I tuned in expecting to just watch the pilot and then drop it. I’m now hooked. Well played, NBC. Well played.” — PJ Williamson

“Initially, I was bored. But it started to pick up speed as it navigated course. The closeted gay married couple storyline hooked me. See you next week, TPC.” — James Lowell Jr.

“2 Broke Girls”:

“I officially zoned out on the line, “Can you imagine not having any money? It would be like… not having any money!” Honestly, THIS is the writing we have now?” — Sam Raffield

“I thought the pilot was pretty funny. Wasn’t lacking in any areas so far. Hoping to see it make it past December and even go further for many seasons but only time will tell how good the show is.” — Anthony Merante

“The Sing-Off”:

“At least Vocal Point’s backstory was needed to tell the viewers the group performing was not complete. Kinfolk’s was just fluff. I hope it doesn’t become like AGT where the contestant with the saddest story wins.” — Jefferson Tiangco

“The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen”:

“Not a very funny roast at all. The whole thing had a disjointed impersonal feel. Hardly any of the jokes were pointed toward Sheen himself and the result was a bunch of people roasting each other who are barely relevant or funny. Tyson was probably the best out of the bunch.” – Peter Robins

“Frankly, no one gives a crap about this guy anymore. A lame attempt to keep his name in the news. Good riddance to bad trash.” – Panther Alum Guy

“Hell’s Kitchen”:

“Paul clearly was the odds on favorite to win. He really commanded
respect from those in the kitchen with him last night. And I wanted him
to win this for his recently departed Mother. Congrats Paul!” — Michael Andrews

“Dancing With the Stars”:

“I thought [Ron Artest] acted like a spoiled kid. Winking at the lady announcer, like that’s going to help him. LOL.” — Carolyn Sue

“GOOOOOOOOO CHAZ….Great Job! Dancing in the streets man!” — Mike Shane

“Two and a Half Men”:

“The cameo of Dharma and Greg was my FAVORITE part of the show. I miss that show so much. It was such a nice surprise! I’m not an Ashton Kutcher fan but I thought the storyline they gave him was the worst possible. It isn’t believable and will sink the show. Alan Harper is struggling to carry the new/old show and the rest of the cast was same old, same old. I hope they pull it together or it really won’t work as is.” — Elynn Nielsen

“LOVED it! [Dharma and Greg] were awesome and I thought the show was hilarious. I’ll be tuning in more…mainly because Sheen is gone now. Was so sick of his psycho bullcrap.” — Collette Ojeda

“I love Ashton Kutcher, however Charlie Sheen deserved better and Chuck Lorre, IMHO came off looking small and petty. All the girlfriends ended up with STD’s? Really – that’s the best he could do? RIP in the ratings. You can’t replace Charlie.” — Jennifer Bechen Bahl

What were some of your favorite Monday night premieres?

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