When the axe falls during the first elimination of “Dancing With the Stars” Season 12, we’re holding out hope that it’s not on the low-scoring Mike Catherwood. The radio personality’s recent foray into national television may not have revealed him to be the greatest dancer, but he sure is entertaining.

So when Catherwood stopped by The KTLA News Morning Show, Zap2it had a sit down with the contestant we’ve grown so attached to. And in addition to telling us about Loveline colleague Dr. Drew Pinsky‘s rather unorthodox approach to dealing with his friend’s low scores, Mike divulged the most unusual side effect of his burgeoning fame.

“Dr. Drew has gotten awful meat-heady about ‘Dancing With the Stars,'” Catherwood tells us of his friend who sat in the audience for the Mar. 28 episode. “He just threatens to beat everybody up. He wants me to go far and do well, but he feels like the only way to rectify my low scores is by beating up Bruno and Len… I don’t know why he’s getting so brutish, but it’s support.”

Catherwood can also count on support from a demographic he never knew existed: people who really, really want to sleep with him.

“The major difference,” he says of his life since Season 12 started, “is that men and women alike are offering me sexual relations. People I’ve never met before, they’ll just email me or find me on the street. And they’ll be like, ‘Hey you want some of that?’ And that’s pretty cool.”

But not that cool. He’s quick to point out that he hasn’t actually taken any of them up on their offers.

If you missed Mike on KTLA, watch his interview below:


Posted by:Mikey O'Connell