Bill Nye and Tyne Stecklein were eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars” week 3. Despite being a huge fan favorite, it seems that Bill Nye the Science Guy met his downfall with a robotic jazz routine.

Watch Bill’s performance here to judge for yourself.

After the judges had their say, Bill and Tyne received only 16 points out of 30. Last week’s scores added only 17 points — that gave the couple only 33 points and a solid seat at the bottom of the pack. Having watched the performance, here are some theories as to why it led to low scores and thus elimination:

  • Bill got stuck dancing in a robot costume. It’s hard to believe he had much freedom of movement in that.
  • The leg injury that Bill suffered after last week’s performance had to be a factor here.
  • Tyne really did all of the dancing — Bill mostly stood still and gave some robotic jerks.
  • Get Lucky” is really, really overplayed at this point.
  • The judges aren’t very good at judging the new dances like jazz, whether performed well or not.
  • Many of the movements were not in-sync between the two partners.
  • There’s only so far a standing ovation and people chanting your name can take you. In “Dancing with the Stars” Season 17, it seems like that fervor can take you precisely as far as week 3.

At least it was a good and fun run while it lasted — and it will be interesting to see how the “DWTS” ratings fare without Bill Nye to bring in a new audience.

Do you think Bill and Tyne should have been eliminated? Did you expect Bill to last longer? Will you continue to watch the show without the Science Guy?

Posted by:Laurel Brown