kate gosselin dancing with the stars tabloids 550 'Dancing With the Stars': Zap2it readers weigh in on Kate Gosselin's paso doh what?We don’t have any proof of it, but maybe — just maybe — Jon Gosselin got a glimpse of the massive outpouring of Kate Gosselin trash-talk on our post recapping her performance last night on “Dancing With the Stars” and quickly cooked up the idea to sue his ex for custody of their kids.

OK, we know that’s not true … but if he did look at our reader’s comments, we’re pretty sure a huge grin came over his face.

Some commenters even majorly propped up the dud — er, dad. One said, “Jon is looking more and more like the good guy. Kate is just plain ugly, inside and out.” Another wrote, “I think Jon should be canonized by the Pope as the next saint.”

Hmm, that’s a bit much.

Most of you commented something along the lines that Kate either a) is a terrible dancer and should get booted off immediately or b) loves her time in the spotlight more than her kids (ouch) and doesn’t deserve all the attention she gets. Basically, you want her to just go away already.

But a select few of you thought people are too hard on the mom of eight, who just wanted to try a new experience. Operative word being “try.”

Here are some comments we picked out to share. We put the nice ones first:

She’s trying, leave her alone!

Sheri: I just like Kate. She’s a terrible dancer, but she tries. And she’s interesting. She has a big fan base and I’m one of the fans. Kate is awesome in all of her imperfections! (not many people are)

Tammy: Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but I feel no one is even giving Kate a chance. Did you ever realize maybe she never danced before and is very nervous and lacks self_confident in this dancing. I am not a dancer myself but god what a chance to learn. I would be so nervous and scarced on stage I dont think I could do any beter then Kate so I give her credit for trying and not giving up. We are all so quick to critize but think if it was us…could we do better? and would all the negativey help us any?

pj: Boy, alot of jealous people out there slinging the mud! Kate never claimed to be a dancer or and actress. She wanted to TRY that’s all. Jon deserved every nasty look or word. What a maggot phoney he is. I agree Kate just can’t relax which would help her. But YOU try to wear those high heels and dance. Especially if you’re not used to them. The Men definitely have the advantage. Go Kate! Ignore all the imbiciles who are fat, ugly losers who try to hurt you. Think of this. THEY ARE SITTING AT HOME (alone) ON THERE ARSES BASHING YOU BECAUSE THEIR NOTHING AND NEVER WILL BE.

smasters: Awe, you people are so mean! I really like Kate and don’t see what you evil, judgmental people are saying about her. No wonder the world is so brim…it’s because of trash talking, unappreciated people like you. You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Shut up!

Tom: Give the girl a break! shes never performed before a live audience.I would be freaked too.


Get her outta there!

mindy: Kate did not dance, she just walked around and her partner slung her body around like a dead carcass. I hope they keep her just so we can watch her slowly implode.

Kay Trac: What a disaster! Kate shows as much grace, poise, true emotion, & humility on the dance floor as she did as a controlling witch of a wife. Please don’t make us watch her any more! …….or maybe watching her have to further humiliate herself is justice.

candy: Do you know why Kate Gosselin can’t muster up enough anger for paparazzi – because she love them

Beverly: I agree with the comments. Kate treats men like children thats is why her marriage did not work. And in this crazy word she is made famous. What is wrong with us. It is not about the children its all about Kate. Just don’t watch the shows she is on then hollywood would get the message and she will go away. I for one watch nothing she is on. She is truely a money hungry person who doesn’t care what anybody thinks. She just feels she will go on and on. She should have been the first to go., I question thae show I have not meant one person who likes her or watches the show anymore. She is being pushed down our throats. Buzz danced better than her for real.

nate: She loves reality show fame over her kids, man i feel so bad for them she most defanutly would sell them into slavery if it would give her 5 more minets in front of the papazatzi with that fake hair.

Patty D: Can’t you guys stop with poor excuse for a wife,mother and all around no- talent woman frankly, I don’t see what she ever did that warrants all the attention she gets, and in my opinion she takes up alot of papers when any thing or any one is more deserving.

Jan: Kate needs to go!!! She can’t dance at all and her personality stinks!!!

Keri: Ohhh Waaaaa, Miss I hate the paparazzi. They’re always following me Waaaaaaa… Please. It’s what pays your bills. Not like you couldn’t go back to being an RN.

You complain about it like you’re this big star. How insulting to the actual stars on the show. I wonder if they’re laughing. Does Kate not get it? She’s only known for having multiple births and for being miserable.

Bruno: I was hoping Kate would do well and show a different side of herself, but unfortunately she has failed miserably and it is painful to watch. I hope she gets booted off tonight to put us all out of our misery.

Wait, is that the “DWTS” Bruno? Nah, we’re gonna call BruNo on that one.

What are YOUR thoughts on the reality TV mom? If you need a refresher on her performance from last night, watch below … if you dare.

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