maks carrie ann fight 'Dancing With the Stars': Zap2it readers weigh in on Maks/Carrie Ann spat

When “Dancing With the Stars” announced the “Instant Dance” for Week 8, we had a train wreck in mind… but not like this.

All of the contestants performed just fine under the duress of music-free rehearsals, but a scolding about choreography from Carrie Ann Inaba sent Brandy‘s partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy into a bit of a tizzy.

The pro wouldn’t let Carrie Ann’s comments go — during or after the taping — making for one of the most heated moments of Season 11. But what did Zap2it readers think of the drama? Their allegiances seem evenly spread between the judge and the pro.

Team Carrie Ann:

Elie: “Maks arguing with Carrie made me not want to vote for them.”

J: “Carrie Ann was right; compared to all the others, Maks and Brandy’s dance lacked content.”

Christy: “Maks whined all week about the instant dance and then was the only choreographer not to choreograph a full dance. The beginning and end had no cha cha. Carrie Ann was right about that.”

P: “Maks needs a season off. I’m sure the show will survive without him… but maybe his ego won’t.”

Chris F:
“Maks is one of my favorite pro dancers (along with Tony and Mark) and I don’t think he gets enough credit, but in this particular instance, I actually side with Carrie Ann. They waited until a third of the way through the song before they really started dancing.”

Tai: “I kinda agree with Carrie Ann, Maks is not a GREAT choreographer.”

Team Maks:

JustMe: “I totally agree with Maks. They’ve begun criticizing the choreography over the past couple of years and there’s no way the “star” should be blamed for that.”

Kerry: “Aren’t the judges supposed to be scoring the ‘celebrity’ (I use the term loosely) and not the pro or the pro’s choreography?”

Matt2: “In regards to the “dance war” between Carrie Ann and Mak, I’m siding with Maks. Carrie Ann seemed to be super picky with Brandy’s performances this week; a neck angle not held correctly and a slightly delayed start that got tagged while much more obvious goofs from others didn’t get a mention.”

Anonymous: “Maks did more harm than good in fighting with Carrie Ann, although I do agree with him in principle that Brandy should not be penalized for a minor choreography issue.”

“Carrie Ann is so blatantly against Brandy and Max. I thought the start was a little delayed but when you work as hard as they obviously do being nick-picky is an insult.”

Whose side do you fall on in the dance war?

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