“Danger Mouse” may have been one of the world’s greatest animated parodies, and now there will be new episodes coming to television. British broadcaster CBBC has announced that new episodes will air on the children’s network beginning in 2015.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this animated story of a super-spy mouse will get 52 new episodes. It is expected that the new series, much like the original, will feature Danger Mouse and his assistant, Penfold, fighting James Bond-like crime.

Also returning is DM’s hideout in a British postal box, but it is expected to have new and exciting features. The Mouse’s eye patch will similarly be transformed into an i-patch that will run apps and the like.

Co-creator Brian Cosgrove, who will serve as a consultant on the cartoon, released the following statement: “I had no idea the show would be such a huge success, both in the U.K. and and overseas … I can’t wait to find out what [Danger Mouse] has been up to for the last 23 years.”

Nickelodeon aired the original series in the U.S., while it ran on ITV in Britain in the 1980s and 1990s.

Posted by:Laurel Brown