daniel radcliffe tcas 2014 young doctors notebook gi Daniel Radcliffe promises revolution in 'Young Doctor's Notebook' Season 2When “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” Season 2 premieres on Ovation on Aug. 19, expect a big difference from Season 1: Revolution.

“The first [season] is probably the only show set in Russia in 1917 which features almost no mentions of the revolution whatsoever,” star Daniel Radcliffe tells members of the Television Critics Association at the 2014 summer press tour. “In the second [season] their big sort of choice was to bring that into the series and have some fun with it.”

“A Young Doctor’s Notebook” tells the story of elder Dr. Bomgard (Jon Hamm) and his younger self (Radcliffe). As Bomgard copes with his troubles in the present, he returns to his old journals and interjects himself into the story.

This means that, even though Hamm and Radcliffe are playing two versions of the same character, they frequently share scenes together. In Season 1, the pair were both naked in a bathtub together, the photo of which Radcliffe admits they knew was “going to go everywhere” as soon as they shot it.

In Season 2, an intimate scene shows the pair dancing. “I have to dip him at one point, which is not easy,” Radcliffe admits.

For Radcliffe, the biggest compliment of the series is that he was chosen to play a younger version of Jon Hamm. “It’s obviously incredibly flattering, and it’s incredibly flattering that he suggested me to play the young him, which is an incredible compliment,” he says.

After the height difference between Hamm and Radcliffe was brought up, the former “Harry Potter” star says he assumes “Young Doctor’s Notebook” fans don’t consider that to be an issue. “The show is so crazy anyway, that people are either going to just go with it … or if they get hung up on that, then there are going to be plenty of other logical problems they have with us, I’m sure,” he says.

This is the first time that Radcliffe has reprised a character after time away since his “Harry Potter” days. He admits that the film franchise that made him a star helped prepare him for work in a television series.

“There was something about going back and seeing the same crew and the same cast, and the sort of continuity of that was very reassuring and comforting,” he says. “It’s always nice when a job brings you back together. It was lovely going back for the second series, and I think the writers did a really fantastic job in expanding that world.”

“A Young Doctor’s Notebook” premieres Aug. 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Ovation.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz