daniel radcliffe dane dehaan gi Daniel Radcliffe and 'True Blood's' Dane DeHaan praise each other's kissing skills

Daniel Radcliffe and “True Blood’s” Dane DeHaan were mutually impressed with each other’s kissing skills after shooting a gay sex scene for “Kill Your Darlings.”
“It’s like the first time that two people who have a lot of feelings for each other are finally getting to express that in any kind of way,” DeHaan tells E! News’ Marc Malkin. “I’m glad it turned out like it is. I think it’s really beautiful.”
Malkin talked to DeHaan and Radcliffe on the red carpet at the film’s Los Angeles premiere, and the actors were mutually complimentary of each other’s smooches. “Dan’s a great kisser,” says DeHaan. Radcliffe is quick to respond, “So is he — there’s no shame in saying that.”
When “Kill Your Darlings” debuted at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, Radcliffe told reporters he doesn’t understand all of the hubbub over the homosexual love scene between himself and DeHaan. “We see straight sex scenes all the time,” Radcliffe says. “We’ve seen gay sex scenes before. I don’t know why a gay sex scene should be any more shocking than a straight sex scene.”

He also says he and DeHann “didn’t really have time to feel awkward” because the scene was shot so quickly.
“Kill Your Darlings” is a Beat generation film that centers on Radcliffe’s character, real-life writer Allen Ginsberg in his college days. DeHaan plays Ginsberg’s friend and fellow aspiring writer, Lucien Carr. Jack Huston portrays Jack Kerouac and Ben Foster plays William Burroughs. “Dexter’s” Michael C. Hall also stars as Carr’s professor — and perhaps lover — David Kammerer.

The film is in theaters Oct. 16.
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