daniel radcliffe sherri shepherd the view abc Daniel Radcliffe defends 'Kill Your Darlings' nude scene: 'Only shocking because I was Potter in the past'Much ink has been spilled over Daniel Radcliffe‘s gay love scene in his new film “Kill Your Darlings.” (That’ll happen when you were once the child star of one of the biggest film franchises ever.) During his visit to “The View” on Tuesday (Oct. 22), however, Radcliffe attempted to downplay the salaciousness of the scene.

Though it’s true that Radcliffe appears nude during his portrayal of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, the actor believes that the shock value only comes from the memories of his past, not the actual content of the love scene with Dane DeHaan‘s Lucien Carr.

“It’s one of those things. I think it’s only shocking by virtue of the fact of what I’ve done before,” he says. “I think it only is shocking by virtue of I’ve done [Harry] Potter in the past, but actually, like, for me, inherent to longevity in a career, you have to have diversity, you can’t be doing one thing all the time.”

Radcliffe adds that the scene is important to the story of Ginsberg’s life, adding, “I think, it’s got a lot of headlines because, frankly, it’s an easy headline for people to write because it’s slightly salacious and it gets people to click on articles online, but actually it accounts for 30 seconds of a 90 minute movie and it’s actually very — people are calling the scene graphic, which it really isn’t, so go see it for yourselves. I think it’s just a very integral part of the story and it’s not as shocking, I don’t think, as people expect it to be.”

And, he points out, it’s not as if this is the first time he’s done such a thing in the name of art: “Also, I did ‘Eqqus,’ which is a much more shocking play.” (Radcliffe went full-frontal in the controversial Broadway play.)

Posted by:Billy Nilles