Daniel Radcliffe, who is starring in the new movie “Kill Your Darlings” and also the new miniseries “Young Doctor’s Notebook,” in which he bathes with actor Jon Hamm, is stopping by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Friday (Oct. 4) where host Ellen DeGeneres points out how often he gets naked in his projects.

Ellen: “But you do take your clothes off a lot. In a lot of things.”

Daniel: “They’re jobs. Not just like a lot of things like stores, places I go.”

Ellen: “Obviously, I know it’s films and I know it’s the character and it makes sense — you’re obviously comfortable with that.”

Daniel: “I’m comfortable with it but I do like to point out. I don’t request it. I was having a conversation with another friend of mine who’s an actress who has done quite a few nude scenes and I was just saying we’re going to start getting called exhibitionists.”

Ellen: “Was it Kate Winslet?”

Daniel: [laughs] “No, it wasn’t Kate Winslet I was talking to about that. It so happens that in all the three movies I did last year. I get naked. I promise it’s not intentional.”

Ellen: “You’re not like [pretends to look through a script] ‘Where I am naked in here … I won’t do it.'”

Daniel: “Rewrite this!”

They also talk about Radcliffe’s crush on Katy Perry — “It’s true” — that has become a joke between him and an MTV reporter, where Radcliffe acts like he’s obsessed with the pop star.

Radcliffe says that after all those interviews, he’s kind of scared to go up to Perry because if she’s seen them, she’s going to think he’s some crazy fanboy. And then he looks around and goes, “She’s not here, is she?”

It’s a shame that she’s not.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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