Daniel Radcliffe and Stephen Colbert had a bit of a love fest when the “Kill Your Darlings” star came by “The Colbert Report.” From Colbert making fun of Radcliffe’s height (and the “Harry Potter” alum going along with it) to the comedian saying, “You’re a wizard, Harry,” the interview was filled with plenty of lighthearted jokes. But the most random moment came at its end, when Colbert asked Radcliffe if he thought he could take Elijah Wood in a fight.

“I’m not going to call him out or anything,” Radcliffe hedges at first, before fully committing to the bit. “Yes. Yes I could,” he says.

Other highlights from the interview include Radcliffe admitting he used to talk in an American accent when he was playing with soldiers as a child, and him correcting Colbert’s joke that the Beat Generation of poets invented being gay. “They certainly enjoyed. I certainly don’t think they can claim to have invented it, I’m afraid to break it to you. This has been going on for years,” Radcliffe deadpans.

“Kill Your Darlings” hits theaters on Oct. 18.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz