daniel radcliffe out cover march Daniel Radcliffe 'Out' cover story: 'Kill Your Darlings' star hates 'Harry Potter' filmsDaniel Radcliffe covers the March issue of Out magazine and talks about portraying homosexual icon Allen Ginsberg in “Kill Your Darlings.”

Radcliffe’s turn in the beat generation drama, which includes gay sex and self-pleasuring scenes, stirred up quite the controversy when the film premiered at Sundance.

“I can see why people are skeptical about me playing Allen Ginsberg,” says the artist formerly known as Harry Potter. “I don’t look like him, and I’m English and middle-class and not from New Jersey. But that’s what I think is so exciting about it, because people have no idea.”

Radcliffe tells Out he cringes to watch his former self in the “Harry Potter” films. “I certainly wouldn’t watch number three, I wouldn’t watch the first two, I wouldn’t watch four,” says Daniel. “I might watch five. I definitely wouldn’t watch six.”

At Sundance, Radcliffe told reporters he didn’t know what everyone was making such a fuss about over his “shocking” turn in “Kill Your Darlings,” seeing as how he had already revealed his manhood on stage in “Equus.” Now he tells Out talking to George Clooney and watching a TED talk about feminism has brought it all together for him.

Dan says Clooney told him, “You are making all the right moves, doing all the right things, and they won’t all be successes.” Then the TED speech brought it home.

“The speaker said that part of growing up is aiming to succeed but being fulfilled by failing really well,” he says. “That’s what I feel this year has been all about for me. I’m looking at my work for the first time and not cringing. I’m going, ‘Yes, this is closer to what I want it to be.'”

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