danielle campbell originals midseason finale Danielle Campbell on 'The Originals' winter finale: 'Everything gets worse before it gets better'Hey, here’s a surprise: during tonight’s midseason finale of “The Originals,” something shocking happens. That’s so unlike our favorite “Vampire Diaries” spinoff, right? Just kidding. Something insane happens on the CW hit every week, and that’s why we love it so much.

Tonight’s episode (Dec. 3), “Reigning Pain in New Orleans,” sees nefarious original vampire/werewolf hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan) try to consolidate his power now that his former protege, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) has ceded his crown as the supernatural king of the city.

Danielle Campbell, who plays ultra-powerful teen witch Davina, tells Zap2it that Davina is not quite sure about the city’s new leader. “Klaus wants everyone moved into the compound, so Marcel tries to move Davina and she’s a little skeptical about it, as you can imagine. A lot goes on with trying to figure out who’s really in power.”

While Davina has been sequestered in a tiny little attic room and isn’t fully aware of every supernatural struggle in the French Quarter, she is aware that there’s plenty of manipulation happening. “I don’t think she knows exactly what’s going on,” Campbell says, but Davina “has her own reserved judgements. She’s just waiting to see how everything’s playing out.”

Besides, “she’s pretty damn powerful,” Campbell points out. “She knows what’s going on and she’s starting to develop her own sense of what she thinks and she’s not just taking one side or another. She’s starting to have a voice of her own and she’s starting to figure out what she wants. She’s starting to think for herself.”

Davina feels betrayed thanks to the Harvest Ritual, when the elder witches sacrificed her and several of her friends to gain more power, so it makes sense that she’s reluctant to trust anyone. “Sophie and all the witches are considered her family, and so I know that she feels very betrayed by the fact that they were all willing to kill them,” Campbell says.

Since the ritual was clearly working, she also feels conflicted about whether or not she should volunteer to complete it — which means she’d die, but theoretically come back. “I think that’s what she’s struggling with,” Campbell says. “I think the fact that they had to lie about how they had to proceed with this Harvest is how she knows they have no idea if they’re going to come back or not. She’s a young girl and she doesn’t want to just die. She doesn’t know if she’ll come back or not, so that’s the question and also the mystery.”

While the conclusion to that particular storyline will play out eventually, Campbell is a little more coy about her romantic prospects — particularly with her crush Tim, the cute violin player from school. “I think the viewers are going to be very happy with what happens [with Tim],” Campbell teases. “Well, actually no, I don’t know. It depends!”

She clarifies (sort of): “I think everyone’s going to be kind of shocked with what happens. That’s a good way to leave it.”

She’ll also leave you with this tidbit: “When [‘The Originals’] comes back in January everyone is going to be freaking out. You’re going to want just to just bite your nails off it’s going to be so great. I’m so excited.”

Don’t stress out too much, though — Campbell also has some comforting words to offer for after you watch the episode: “Everything gets worse before it gets better,” she says. Wait, that’s not comforting at all! “Well, there is a better at some point!”

Check out the full interview below:

“The Originals” airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley