darren criss 500 Darren Criss dragged off stage during 'Glee Live' performanceLooks like the “Glee Live!” crew may need to up their security team after an ambitious fan got a hold of Darren Criss on Wednesday night (June 8).

  ]]>“Glee” co-stars in Philadelphia, PA when a female fan grabbed the singer and managed to pull him off stage. Luckily, the Warbler escaped unharmed and with his sense of humor still in tact. “To the lady who pulled me off stage and into the pit tonight: if I ever see you on a stage… keep your wits about ya. Love, Darren,” he tweeted following the show. “[By the way] I’m lucky I didn’t hit my head on the gate in front of this lady,” he continued. “Seriously close call tonight… Like, please don’t kill me. I’m nice.” Consider yourselves warned, Gleeks. Security will undoubtedly be on high alert from now on. [Update: A previous version of this article stated that the incident occurred on Saturday in Washington, D.C.]

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci