dave grohl music gi Dave Grohl stands up for lo fi rockDave Grohl, Foo Fighter in chief, isn’t a fan of the new-fangled kind of music that involves computers and fancy music studios. That’s why when he and his band accepted their award for Best Rock Performance for their single, “Walk!,” he took the opportunity to rail against musicians who, as he put it, don’t know how to play instruments.

“The human element of making music is what’s most important,” said Grohl. “Actually learning to play an instrument and sing a song. It doesn’t have to sound perfect.”

“It’s not about what goes on in a computer,” Grohl continued, talking about how his band’s latest album was recorded in his garage.

Grohl is also on the record as not being a fan of “Glee.”

Fittingly, the next segment started with LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” And, later in the show, Grohl was shown rocking along in the audience to computer-assisted DJ deadmau5.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson