david-beckham-underwear-statue-pics-gi.jpgIt’s not every day that you get to see David Beckham hanging out in his underwear on the streets of New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco — just every day until Aug. 31.

Ten-foot-tall metallic statues of Beckham wearing nothing but his underwear are on display to promote the soccer player’s new underwear line for H&M. Three of the larger-than-life statues are inside the retailer’s midtown Manhattan store, two others are chilling outside in New York City, two are in Los Angeles and one is in San Francisco.

The statues will remain until Aug. 31, so go get those photos now. But be careful not to drool all over Victoria Beckham’s hubby — hopefully the pigeons received a similar memo.

Have you spotted any of the statues yet? 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper