craig ferguson cbs bill maher david letterman gi David Letterman, Bill Maher react to Craig Ferguson's 'Late Late Show' departure

Late on Tuesday (April 29) evening, both David Letterman and Bill Maher reacted to the news that Craig Ferguson would be leaving “The Late Late Show” in December 2014. Their reactions were, however, very different.

Maher’s reaction was both negative — with regard to CBS and the media reporting on Ferguson — and succinct. In fact, it all fit into a single tweet:

Whether you agree with Maher or not, keep in mind that the “Real Time” host does know a thing or two about being treated shabbily by the press and network television.

Letterman’s reaction to Ferguson’s departure came on his Tuesday episode of “The Late Show.”

While not enthusiastic — Letterman read the card about Ferguson just like almost any other piece of news — this discussion was much more positive. Letterman noted that Ferguson’s “Late Late Show” was “unlike any other late-night show. And I’m telling you, to be unique in the world of television [is] virtually impossible.”

Was Ferguson’s situation handled well? Or was he treated poorly? Those may be questions that only CBS and Ferguson himself can truly answer.

Posted by:Laurel Brown