David Letterman is retiring and will leave “The Late Show” on CBS at some point in 2015. That’s the announcement that the long-time late-night host made during the taping of his Thursday (April 3) show in New York City.

Watch the video for the announcement now.

While it is mostly a very straightforward announcement on the part of Letterman, there is a little bit of humor thrown in. Bandleader Paul Shaffer, for example, feigns shock and wonders if he can head out to talk to his accountant right away. There’s also a bit of a throwaway joke from Letterman, “What this means now is Paul and I can be married.”

News of Letterman’s upcoming departure leaked out via Twitter shortly after he made the announcement and CBS soon followed with an official statement on the departure.

Letterman has hosted the “Late Show” ever since coming to CBS in 1993 in the wake of the fight between Letterman and Jay Leno over who would host “The Tonight Show” following the retirement of Johnny Carson.

Posted by:Laurel Brown