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With the announcement that “American Hustle” auteur David O. Russell is working with “Erin Brockovich” writer Susannah Grant on a new TV series, it seems like the perfect time for his recurring cast of players to make a splash on small screen.
The untitled show, which has been ordered direct to series at ABC, is described as “an upstairs/downstairs soap centered on a private country club.” That leaves a lot of possibilities for characters and casting.
That’s a lot of work for Russell, who still has movie stuff to worry about. So Zap2it has done a lot of the heavy-lifting for him. Check out some of our casting choices and character ideas below.
She’s on a hot streak these days and Russell needs to take advantage of that while he can. That’s why Lawrence should play twins in the show. The caveat being one is a well-to-do trophy wife, while the other is a cleaning lady for the club. Naturally, the sisters are born enemies, thinking little of each other’s life choices.
He’s got money and he’s not afraid to spend it. His fortune comes from working with his dad, whose business isn’t necessarily legitimate. He makes one of Lawrence’s twins his trophy wife, but it secretly having an affair with the other. This is a soap, after all.
De Niro plays the father to Wahlberg’s character. He’s a rich man, but far more reserved about it than his son. Years of shady dealings have made him careful about showing off the spoils of his business. Viewers won’t know what it is right off the bat, but it will be easy to see it’s not legal.
It’s been nearly a decade since “I Heart Huckabees,” and the time has come for Tomlin and Russell to bury the hatchet. What better place than here? She would work perfectly as a mother to Lawrence’s characters, having them late in life. She’s a bit of an eccentric, a trait carried by her daughter who married into money. She considers the other twin the black sheep of her family unit. Tomlin and Lawrence together on the screen has the possibility to be ridiculously entertaining.
Who knows more secrets about a group of people than the one pouring the alcohol? Adams, channeling a bit of the attitude from her character in “The Fighter,” tends bar at the club and knows everyone’s story. While the members don’t really pay attention, she’s knows it would be easy to take any one of them down with the information she knows about their personal and professional dealings. She’s also the closest confidante for Lawrence’s cleaning lady.
Tucker is the club’s resident golf pro. Retired due to injury, and down on his luck, he now straddles the line between employee and upper crust, though club members won’t let him forget he’s just another employee hired help at the end of the day.
Cooper lords over everyone as owner of the club. He inherited it after his parents died when he was young and convinced himself he’s among the elite ranks that exist in the club’s membership. He’s just as vulnerable as anyone though, due to an illicit relationship with the bartender. He’s in love, but to her he’s just another piece of valuable information she can use to her advantage.
He’s the club’s staff manager and the one really holding it together, while Cooper’s character is too preoccupied pretending he’s important. Putting his acting skills to the test, Bale’s Welsh accent is one he uses for club members to make him sound more sophisticated, when in reality he’s just a guy from Boston who lied his way into a job.
That sounds just soapy enough to work. Who would you like to see in the show and what should it be about?
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