superjail season 4 david wain the warden adult swim David Wain teases 'Superjail!' Season 4 and the Warden's name

A new season of Adult Swim’s “Superjail!” is days away from premiering, which means fans can look forward to a whole new batch of antics from the Warden, Alice, the Twins and everyone else in Superjail.
In anticipation of the Season 4 premiere, Zap2it spoke with David Wain about his role voicing the Warden, Season 5 of “Childrens Hospital,” his new movie “They Came Together,” rumors of a “Wet Hot American Summer” Netflix prequel series and the one project he’s always wanted to do but hasn’t yet. “Superjail!” returns to Adult Swim Sunday, June 15 at 11:45 p.m. ET/PT.

Zap2it: How much of the plot of these episodes and the seasons are you aware of when you go in to do voice work?

David Wain:
I’m not really aware at all of what they have in mind until I go in and I see the script, and I’m like “Whoa!” As a guy in my 40s who grew up on much more straightforward cartoons and TV shows, I am pretty blown away when I see the kind of stuff they do with the directions that they are able to go in and get away with it. I just think it’s kind of incredible.

It feels like “Superjail!” is about as off the wall as anything on Adult Swim right now. Is that fun for you to be a part of that?

I agree. And therefore by definition, its off the wall as anything on TV right now, cause Adult Swim is pretty much the most daring network, and this is one of the more pretty out there shows. But I also like the fact that it’s out there without being meticulously and crafted and disciplined in the execution, and everything from the way they do the animation and the color choices, the movements and the sound, they’re real masters over there.

You’re usually so hands on in the projects you’re involved in, but here you just voice the Warden. How is that a different experience for you, coming on and solely doing the voice work?

For me, I love doing that, because, as you said, most of the things I’m involved in, I have sort of have on my shoulders the entirety of it of it all, and I’m overseeing every single aspect of it, from inception to final delivery. And it’s a really enjoyable change of pace for me to say, “Okay. Now, where do you want me stand? What do you want me to do?” and just put forth my all into that one character and how he might react to something, and the performance, and let them figure out everything else. Anytime I do any acting, which I do from time to time on various things, usually in very small parts, it’s really fun to not have to worry about the whole.

That being said, is there anything that you have contributed to this season or previous ones?

Sometimes I’ll suggest just a different wording or a little bit of a joke within the line or I’ll just improvise something to include. [Creators] Christy [Karacas] and Steve [Warbrick] have such a very clear vision for the whole world of what they’re doing and the stories and everything. I don’t think they really need somebody else coming in and saying “Hey! Do this or that.” They have it all so figured out in such a cool way.

There’s a lot of interesting mythology about the Warden and his history and obviously that plays a big part of his character, but the one thing that we’ve never found out is his name. Do you know what the Warden’s name is?

I do know the Warden’s name, but if I were to say it in public then I would be fired. The name, it’s unpronounceable. It’s one of those names that’s not a name in the way you and I usually understand a name. It’s more of a feeling..

Just a string of consonants.

It’s just something in your heart, you know?

That’s a much better answer than I was expecting. Now I know that “Childrens Hospital” is wrapped up, but is there anything that you can tease about the upcoming season?

Well, I’m sitting in the office right now and we’re about to start shooting next week. It’s going to be a pretty insane. I think it’s going to be our best and craziest season yet of “Childrens Hospital.” I can’t wait.

Do you have any ideas that you can tease that you guys are toying around with?

I always worry when we come back to doing this; like, haven’t we thought of all the ideas to go with this? But we fairly easily came up with another 14 episodes that seemed completely like new directions yet again, so I’m really pleased and excited already and we haven’t even started shooting.

I also want to talk about your new film, “They Came Together.” I’m curious like where that idea came from and how you evolved that into a full movie instead just a spoof? I feel like that trailer could have just stood on its own.

The idea was initially just very simply like a spoof movie but for romantic comedies but being me and Michael Showalter, we kind of evolved it into much more of its own bizarre, unique piece unto itself that it still had based that premise but goes in all sorts of funny, weird directions. The early response has been so positive that I feel like that the people are finally catching up to what we’re trying to do, so I’m excited for it to come out on June 27th.

The cast is such a fun group of your regulars as well. Are those just people who you guys just stay in contact with and are always looking for excuses to work together?

I would say that’s very well said. The group of people that I truly love and consider family, many of whom started working together on “Wet Hot American Summer” or before with “The State” and so on, we’re friends but we also really just love working together and we love making each other laugh, and so any chance to work with that core group and then grow it is always such a gift. 

Now, that report came out last week about there potentially being a deal with Netflix

Can’t comment on it. Sorry.

Alright, no worries. You’ve done plenty of comedies, but do you ever have any interest in doing something completely outside of your wheelhouse?
I mean, honestly, I do. I’d love to do things that aren’t comedy at all. I have many genres that I love as a consumer of movies, and someday I would like to get involved in a drama, a thriller, superhero movies, whatever. I hope to expand my vocabulary as my inspiration and as the market’s place would permit.

I’ve always wanted to something that’s a full-blown musical. Whether it’s on film or on stage or both. It’s always been an area of interest to me that I think I’m going to want to get into some point. Or another thing I always wanted to do was take a set of music and use it as a starting point for making a movie, kind of a way I heard that they made “Magnolia.” Music’s always been a hobby of mine just for fun that I would like to incorporate more deeply into projects.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz