james van der beek dawson mox 'Dawson's Creek': James Van Der Beek says Dawson Leery 'would get on my nerves'“Dawson’s Creek” fans may have a little bone to pick with one of the show’s stars, James Van Der Beek, after he slammed the fictional Dawson Leery in a recent interview with Paper magazine. 

His show’s namesake character was “sweet,” James says. But he “would probably get on my nerves and end up as one of those people I found myself making excuses to not hang out with.” Aw.

Another character Van Der Beek is known for playing might fare better trying to get into James’ clique. “I liked Mox,” he says of his lead character in the 1999 film, “Varsity Blues.” “He was a pretty solid dude.”
Van Der Beek’s current project is CBS’ mid-season comedy, “Friends With Better Lives,” co-starring Brooklyn Decker and Kevin Connolly. No word yet as to whether his character, Will Stokes, would be part of James’ real-life in crowd. But perhaps he’d like to hang with the late Walter White or Jesse Pinkman — because, as Van Der Beek tells Paper, “‘Breaking Bad’ is more addictive than meth.”

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