day of the dead dia de los muertos vampire diaries caroline stefan cw Day of the Dead: (Un)dead characters on TV for Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, honors those who have passed on each year. But what about on television, where “dead” doesn’t necessarily mean gone? Lots of shows, from “The Vampire Diaries” to “Ravenswood,” have dabbled in undead characters.

For this year’s Day of the Dead, let’s honor the not-quite-deceased characters of today’s TV.

“The Vampire Diaries”
When it comes to life after death, “The Vampire Diaries” pretty much wins TV. Every single character on this show has died.

Yes, all of them. The roughly 75 percent of the main characters who are vampires all died to get that way. Bonnie — who had only faked her death prior to the end of the last season — is now a ghost. Quasi-humans Jeremy and Matt have both died and come back to life because of spells, magical rings and (in one strange situation) CPR.

It’s telling that even the most loyal viewers of “Supernatural” couldn’t say exactly how many times Sam and Dean Winchester have died. Each brother had a memorable trip to hell (and back), but then there was that time when the angel kept letting the guys die before bringing them back to life. Oh, and don’t forget the oft-deferred Reapers and hanging out with Death himself.

Add in supporting characters like Crowley, Castiel and all those demons, and dying just becomes a normal thing on “Supernatural.”

“Being Human”
Forget vampires and demons and the like, “Being Human” began with a character who was already a ghost. Sally’s death was already a thing of the past as she “lived” her afterlife on the show. The woman may have been brought back to life eventually, but it took a lot of death to get there.

You know a show is going to have a close and personal relationship with the undead when a series regular gets killed off in the first episode. Thank goodness for ghosts that can haunt their way back into the main story!

Is Nick actually dead? Probably not, but he has been zombified, which is pretty much the same thing.

Dracula is pretty much the king of the undead, even if the current incarnation of the character on NBC is more into creating alternative energy sources than ripping out throats. Also, his beloved Mina was killed centuries earlier before being reincarnated.

“The Walking Dead”
Almost the entire world has died. The few survivors have a rather impressive death rate. Those Walkers on “The Walking Dead” are the only future a show like this seems to have.

Posted by:Laurel Brown