Booster-Gold-cropped.jpgComic book fans, “Smallville” fans … and yes, even “Fringe” fans, listen up! Syfy has just ordered a pilot based on the DC Comics’ character, Booster Gold. According to THR, “Fringe” writer Andrew Kreisberg will be writing the pilot.

Dan Jurgens created the character of Booster Gold back in 1986. He’s the superheroic identity of Michael Jon Carter, a
resident of the 25th century who travels back in time to the present day. There, he makes use of his futuristic technology to
become a hero. This hero is, at first, a bit like a modern day reality star, seeking fame and fortune. He later becomes a true hero.

“Smallville” fans will remember that Booster Gold appeared in the 10th and final season, where he teamed with both Clark Kent and Blue Beetle (another incarnation of
which was one of the character’s best friends in the comics).

So, “Smallville” fans, are you excited to see the DC Universe return to the small screen? Let us know your thoughts below.

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