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sig-hansen-dancing-outfits.jpgSince 2008, Hot Cuppa TV has taken the lead in the push to get F/V Northwestern Capt. Sig Hansen of Discovery’s crab-fishing mega-hit “Deadliest Catch” on ABC’s ballroom-competition Monday/Tuesday powerhouse “Dancing With the Stars” (click here for a 2010 story that links back to earlier ones).

In the spring of 2010, Hansen took his quest to NBC’s “The Tonight Show” — click here for my story on that — and even did a bit of a dance for host Jay Leno.

(Hansen also supplied these photos of himself in some wild dancing outfits)

Since then, the effort has taken a back seat to dealing with the death of Capt. Phil Harris and overcoming some legal and contractual difficulties involving Hansen and brothers Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand, co-captains of the F/V Time Bandit, on the way to filming the current season of “Deadliest Catch,” airing now on Tuesdays.

“Sig’s a great guy,” says Andy Hillstrand. “We love that guy. We’re happy. It was a frigging rough year last year. It’s all over now. We were just at the New York upfront (for the Discovery Networks), talked to all the big muckety-mucks, so we’re moving forward.”

But Hansen has not given up on his “Dancing” dream, and he has the support of the HillstrandAndy_Johnathan_Hillstrand_Deadliest_Catch.jpg brothers. The three have been touring the U.S. with a stage show — click here for a review of a performance.

(Photo: Andy Hillstrand on left, Johnathan Hillstrand on right)

says Andy Hillstrand, “Sig has not given up. He is going to get on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ at some point in time. I want to be in the front row to cheer him on. That would be a howl.

“He’s not a bad little dancer, and he’d be in the best shape of his life after eight hours a day dancing!”

Asked if Hansen might finally have to give up smoking, Hillstrand says, “Yeah, it’s either that or start using oxygen.”

Hillstrand continues, “I’m hoping Sig gets on that show so bad. It would be cool. People would never respect him or talk to him again, but it’d be bada–. The reality is, we’ve been on a TV show for six years, and he has been on for seven. We are TV guys now.

“We fought it tooth and nail, but that’s our reality. We’re TV stars and crab fishermen. Those are our businesses. We don’t ever forget that. We’ll still be fishing when TV’s done and running the business.”

Celebrity_Apprentice.jpgHillstrand also wouldn’t mind being on NBC’s Sunday reality hit “The Celebrity Apprentice,” overseen by possible presidential candidate Donald Trump (standing, yellow tie, just to the left of center), but he might want to take a firm hand with his fellow apprentices.

“I would kick their a–,” Hillstrand says. “They give them these tasks on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ and they don’t pull through, and you can’t just physically beat them up? I would can their a–. I would go, ‘You’re fired.’

“If you’re the team leader, and you can’t fire that jacka– for not doing his job, or beat him up, what the hell? Why even bother?”

As for Trump’s flirtation with being president, Hillstrand says, “I would love to see him president, just to shake stuff up there.”

Speaking of shaking things up, Hillstrand says he and his brother played an epic practical joke on Hansen, which will be seen in this season of “Deadliest Catch.”

“The prank this year,” he says, “is so amazing. It’s unbelievable. This one tops it. It’s a work of art.”

Posted by:Kate O'Hare