On Tuesday’s (July 3) episode of Discovery’s crab-fishing reality series “Deadliest Catch,” newlywed F/V Northwestern deckhand Jake Anderson drives into a forested area in Skagit County, Wash., to the place where his father’s 1999 Ford Ranger truck had been found on a logging road shortly after he disappeared in 2010.

Keith A. Anderson
, a former Marine and high-school guidance counselor, took a trip to Snohomish County in January of that year, but never returned. Later reports indicated that he was intending to purchase OxyContin in a town about 100 miles away from where he lived in Anacortes, Wash.

Blood was found in the elder Anderson’s truck, but it was not until very recently that bones found by a hiker were identified as the missing man, as reported by KOMO-TV. The account stated that the hiker told authorities about finding the remains, and then sheriff’s deputies used cadaver dogs to locate additional remains, allowing the King County Medical Examiner to make a positive identification in late June.

The deceased man’s identity was withheld until all members of his family had been notified.

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In a March  2011 interview with Zap2it, Anderson talked about heading out to the place to pay homage to his father and keep alive a hope that he could return.

“I was going to stay,” he said, “but it was so emotional for me. I just left him water and food and a cross and had a ceremony with my two good friends, Casey and Ryan.”

Anderson didn’t have an easy time coping with the loss.

“As an alcoholic,” he said, “It’s been tough, but where I was … I used to live on the street. I was a skateboarder,and then I got injured, and I got into alcohol. I didn’t know I had a problem with alcohol. So I continued to drink heavy and dabbling into drugs, and then I ended up on the street. … So, I worked up from there.

Jake-Anderson-Jenna-Patterson-wedding1.jpg “When the stuff happened with my dad, I had worked so hard to be with my family again, [that] to go out and drink or smoke pot or whatever, it was just fruitless. Now I was the only man in the family, with my sisters and my mom, it didn’t even really bother me to think about that. That was the furthest thing from my mind.”

Below find a clip from Tuesday’s episode in which Anderson — who wed longtime love Jenna Patterson in May, with his skipper, Capt. Sig Hansen, officiating — drives back out to the spot where he had the last connection to his father.

He talks about the situation and his mixed feelings about fellow deckhands Jake and Josh Harris, who lost their father, F/V Cornelia Marie Capt. Phil Harris, to a stroke about the time Anderson’s own father went missing.

Per a publicist, a title card will be added to the episode to announce that, since the scene was filmed, the remains were found and identified. [NOTE: The title card was added to the episode of “After the Catch” that followed the July 3 “Deadliest Catch.”]

Posted by:Kate O'Hare