When he’s not trying to change America’s attitude toward the virtues of a hard day’s work with his “Profoundly Disconnected” initiative, former “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe is busy lending his golden voice to a variety of reality shows, from “Wicked Tuna” and “Airplane Repo” to “Bering Sea Gold” and “Deadliest Catch.”

“Deadliest” returns for its 10th season on Tuesday, April 22, so Rowe is hard at work in the recording booth narrating the adventures of the Bering Sea crab fleet.
In between all of these, Rowe keeps busy online, including a video series called “Adventures in Voiceover.” Highlights include Rowe offering a behind-the-scenes description of what led to his infamous TED talk on neutering lambs with his teeth; doing a dramatic rendition of “Adventures of Joey and Andy Crabs: Crab Day Afternoon,” the children’s book by crab Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand; and reading the phone book (that’s not a metaphor; he actually reads the phone book).
In the latest installment, posted on Wednesday (March 19), Rowe reveals a shocking change of direction for the upcoming  “Deadliest” season.
The high seas will never sound the same. Take a look …

Posted by:Kate O'Hare