Usually TV characters have better wardrobes than their real-life counterparts …OK, those waitress uniforms on “2 Broke Girls” are an exception.
But on “Deception,” NBC’s Monday night soap, the characters are so wealthy that it would be unlikely a freshman show could buy high-end enough wardrobes that would hang in these one percenters’ walk-in closets.
“I don’t have a fancy budget,” Amy Roth, the show’s costume designer, tells Zap2it. “With these first-season shows, you want to show you can make this TV series great. You don’t want to spend a lot of money until it’s a hit. I am doing this on the budget of a cop show.”
“It is super wealthy, and I do spend a lot of time in Bergdorf’s, and I love it, and I put my money where it matters,” Roth says. “I spend my money pretty much on the waist up. It is a facet of my job.”
Even so, she does ensure each character gets one great pair of shoes. “And what matters is how they walk,” she continues. “That really informs the character. A lady walks like a lady in her pair of heels. And when in her Uggs, it is a completely different demeanor. You need to hold yourself in your heel and are much more aware of the balance.”
tvfash224 'Deception': High society style on a cop show budget
Julian (Wes Brown) buys this coral silk dress, cinched with a snake chain belt, for Joanna (Meagan Good), making it all the more special. Julian is wearing a Paul Smith suit. “She needs to look great when she goes to the Bahamas,” Roth says.
tvfash2224 'Deception': High society style on a cop show budget
“That red dress is a party girl’s red dress,” Roth says of Vivian (Bree Williamson). “It has a kick pleat at the bottom. It is a dress you can dance in. What I love about that coat is it is light, and everybody else is in winter coats. I almost did not have her in a coat. She is a girl who is in clubs and moving around. And she has a sports car and leaves it on the sidewalk. It is a very lightweight coat for the season. She could throw it down and not care.”
tvfash3224 'Deception': High society style on a cop show budget
“It’s edgy,” Roth says of the dark pantsuit with white blouse. “It is who Joanna is. This is really where you get a glimpse into her.” She’s wearing Aldo boots, a Burberry coat, and the scarf is part of a long sweater by Diesel.
tvfash4224 'Deception': High society style on a cop show budget
“She has definite Second Wife Syndrome,” Roth says of Sophia Bowers (Katherine LaNasa), in a red Oscar de la Renta cocktail dress. Victor Garber is wearing a Tom Ford three-piece suit and a Stefano Ricci tie. “I wanted her to look like the society she is wanting to move in. Usually she wears Michael Kors and is a siren,” Roth says. “She has used her sexuality to get where she is, and feels that is what is keeping her there. She puts on a push-up bra and has been married 10 years, but obviously that’s not just for Robert (Garber).”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler