tate donovan red carpet nc 325 'Deception's' Tate Donovan: 'Soapy has a connotation of crazy pilot changes'Zap2it: Would you describe “Deception” as soapy?

Tate Donovan: It’s gets more into the thriller. Soapy has a connotation of crazy plot changes.

Zap2it: Are you directing episodes of this?

Tate Donovan: I
directed No. 7, and we will shoot 11. And if we get picked up another
season, I will direct some more. It is a lot of work. Some scenes are
easier than others. When you are acting, it is like old-fashioned
filmmaking, where the director would turn to the cameraman and say, “Was
that good? OK, let’s move on.” I ask a [director of photography], I ask
Melissa, the script supervisor, and the other actors. “Should we move
on?” [They say,] “Yeah, that’s great.” I can’t really imagine a better
way to spend the day.

Zap2it: How is this show different from other dramas on TV?

Tate Donovan: I have to say, and I especially get this when I started directing, they are really taking chances that network television doesn’t generally take with stories. And the filming, it is darker, and the camera is in places you don’t generally see on network television. It is very exciting and liberating. Let’s make this as much of a film as possible. It pushes the envelope quite a bit in a lot of regards. Not all of the characters need to be likable, and everything isn’t resolved every episode, and characters are ambiguous morally, and it is shot not like a network TV show. Cable television shows have changed the way people watch television shows, and it is exciting to be part of.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler