harry reems deep throat porn star dies gi 'Deep Throat' porn star Harry Reems dies

Harry Reems, the star of the legendary porn film, “Deep Throat,” has died. A close friend of the former porn star announced the death online. Reems was 65.

Born Herbert Streicher, Harry Reems gained notoriety and a certain sort of fame when he was cast as the male lead in 1972’s “Deep Throat,” one of the biggest adult-entertainment films of all time. Thanks to a casting mix-up (the actor hired to play the part never showed), Reems got the part of Dr. Young, the physician who discovers that Linda Lovelace‘s clitoris is in her throat. The rest is adult-cinema history.

Gerard Damiano, the writer and director of “Deep Throat,” paid Reems $250 for the role.

The adult actor’s career didn’t exactly take off after this. In 1976, Reems became the only actor in history to be convicted of conspiracy to distribute obscenity across state lines. While this conviction was overturned on appeal and while Reems did have support from many in the mainstream film business, his career was hurt badly. The notoriety stemming from Reems’ pornography and conviction made normal film work impossible.

In the 1980s, Reems fell prey to alcoholism and briefly lived on the streets in Los Angeles. He eventually found sobriety and religion and began a new life in Utah at the end of the decade. He married his wife, Jeannie, in 1991 and became a successful real estate broker.

Reems was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the summer of 2012 and underwent treatment for the disease. In early March, he was admitted to the hospital with liver failure and eventually slipped into a coma before dying on Tuesday (March 19).

Posted by:Laurel Brown