degrassi time of my life finale 'Degrassi: Time of My Life': Imogen is staying at Degrassi as Fiona goes to Rome“Degrassi” Season 12 came an end Friday night (June 21) with the seniors celebrating at prom and graduating — though not everybody graduated.

Imogen got some bad news about her classes and will be repeating her senior year at Degrassi. But that’s not even the worst thing for Imogen in the finale. The worst thing was her selfishly ruining girlfriend Fiona’s chances at a design job in Rome.

She does manage to work things out for Fiona and the design job and they make up. Imogen says she’ll graduate next year and find an art school in Rome to go to and they can Skype in the meantime.

But in the end, Imogen doesn’t want to hold Fiona back and breaks up with her. Aww.

Meanwhile, Eli and Claire are “elected” prom king and queen and patch things up — in the coat closet — then leave prom to make with the sexytime. But Claire is sick. She has a swollen lymph node and a bloody nose that won’t stop, which could mean she has leukemia.

And Marisol and Mo got to have their special “Dirty Dancing” dance at graduation.

What did you think of the “Degrassi” Season 12 finale? You won’t have to wait long for Season 13 — it kicks off July 1.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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