eric bana deliver us from evil gi 'Deliver Us from Evil's' Eric Bana open to returning to comedy

When most people think of Eric Bana, they picture an actor who often finds himself at home in action movies. His latest film, “Deliver Us from Evil” That’s part of what makes him fit into the world of his latest film, “Deliver Us from Evil,” so well.
The horror movie has a heavy action slant, with Bana starring as a police officer in search of a possessed soldier. While horror is a newer genre for Bana, it’s one he’s able to slide into with ease, thanks to his action and drama work. What people are less familiar with his is background in comedy. He got a chance to shot off that side in “Funny People,” but it goes a lot deeper than you may realize.
Bana got his start on the Australian sketch comedy series “Full Frontal.” Audiences in his home country knew him first and foremost as a comedic actor before he burst onto the scene worldwide in “Black Hawk Down.”
Does he miss going for laughs, though? “I got it all out of my system years ago,” he tells Zap2it. “I was in the most highly unusual position of having a fully-established comedy career that I was literally burned out of. I came here on the back of ‘Black Hawk Down’ and haven’t looked back.”

That doesn’t mean Bana won’t do more comedy, if the right idea comes together. He continues, “Never say never. If something came along, like ‘Funny People’, I would definitely do it. It’s just that for whatever reason I get sent more serious stuff than comedy.”
In the meantime, he gets to spend his time solving crimes, fighting demons and saving the world. There are definitely worse jobs to have.

“Deliver Us from Evil” is in theaters July 2.
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