demi lovato wilmer valderra Demi Lovato returns to Twitter with a message for Wilmer ValderramaDemi Lovato’s Twitter break — she announced her plans to swear off the microblogging site on Jan. 21 — lasted less than a week. What enticed her to return? Apparently a “twitterview” with Seventeen magazine.

Last week, Lovato sent out a tweet saying she needed a “Twitter break” after a series of posts alluding to a breakup with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. She had been posting messages including, “The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man,” that made it pretty clear that she was attempting to fly solo and do the whole strong “Skyscraper” thing.

Lovato seems to be a bit more upbeat since her return. When one fan asked what she does to talk herself out of an “ugly day,” she wrote, “Look in the mirror and tell myself ‘U R beautifully made!'”

But, and here’s the big news, on Monday Lovato posted a message to Valderrama that made it sound like she’s either mended whatever rift they had or she’s amicably separated. We’re not sure:

“To the one and only @WillyVille,” she writes. “I only hope the world can see what an incredible man you are.. Happy Birthday Wilmer, you deserve it. :)”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson