demi moore eric buterbaugh Demi Moore dating post Ashton? Details of her dinner with florist Eric ButerbaughDemi Moore is not about to sit at home and cry over soon-to-be-ex-husband Ashton Kutcher! Given the overwhelming evidence that he “moved on” while they were still hitched, we’re totally Team Demi on this one. We’re glad she didn’t go into hiding and is still enjoying herself with friends.

Moore went on a dinner date on Saturday (Nov. 26) with her Los Angeles florist, Eric Buterbaugh (pictured) who Us suggests was a friend to Moore when she was trying to save the failing marriage. He even joined Moore when she and Kutcher went on a romantic couples’ camping trip to try to ease tension after the infidelity rumors first hit the media.

Moore and Buterbaugh had a great time dining at the Sunset Tower while the rest of her family attended her daughter Tallulah Belle’s debutante ball, but we doubt she’ll be changing her Twitter name to @mrsbuterbaugh any time soon.

“They are BFFs. Totally platonic friends,” a source says. “She was in deep conversation with her male companion, but it didn’t look like a romantic date.”

In fact, Buterbaugh is a friend of Kutcher’s, as well. Kutcher’s production company, Katalyst, recently sold a film based on Buterbaugh’s experiences as a high-end florist to Columbia/TriStar Pictures. Buterbaugh will consult on the film and, of course, provide all the floral arrangements.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie