desperate housewives season 7 finale abc 1 320 'Desperate Housewives' finale: Two dead, four reunited

We forget what it’s like when the four main women of “Desperate Housewives” act as a team. And after that powerful finale, we suddenly can’t imagine why the women would ever second-guess returning for another season.
The season 7 finale left two dead (the first of which was Felicia’s karmic death) in its wake, the breakup of Tom (Doug Savant) and Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) marriage, and found the women united in keeping Carlos’ (Ricardo Chavira) accidental killing of Gaby’s (Eva Longoria) stepfather (dead person No. 2) secret.
We have to admit “Desperate Housewives” isn’t always on top of its game. More times than not, we feel we’re watching the same characters going through the same storylines we’ve seen in seasons past – usually involving character flaws they should have all dealt with by now. But there are definitely a couple things this series does well.

desperate housewives season 7 finale abc 2 'Desperate Housewives' finale: Two dead, four reunited

First, the series knows how to make a good finale. This one was full of overlapping plots, the brave portrayal of one of its most solid relationships breaking down, and the conclusion of Paul’s journey dating back to Season 1. It gave Vanessa Williams a comic plot that really worked all her strengths (including some bad singing that with Williams’ talent probably wasn’t as horrific as originally scripted). And in allowing Susan to be Paul’s (Mark Moses) hero, the character was able to explore something different than, “Oops, did I do that?”

The second strength of this series is keeping the women together. It really doesn’t matter what the scenario is. They could be sitting around a table playing cards or covering up a murder scene, but the energy of them together makes for some great interaction, lines and definitely makes us sit up a bit and take notice. Lesson learned, producers? Don’t ever let any of the women move off of Wisteria Lane again. Don’t make us tell you we told you so.
Going into the yet unannounced (but inevitable) Season 8, the show will already have two storylines we’re very interested in following. Will Tom and Lynette’s marriage survive? And what will be the fallout of Carlos killing Gaby’s stepfather? Add to that the promise of these four women reunited on The Lane and we’re there.
What were your thoughts on the finale? Are you looking forward to Season 8?

Posted by:Jethro Nededog