desperate-housewives-mary-alice-eddie.jpgIn this episode of “Desperate Housewives,” we watch the creation of a killer and how each of the housewives played a part in his formative years.

Young Eddie, the unassuming future Fairview Strangler lives with his alcoholic mom. One day, she broke into his room looking for scotch when she comes across her son’s book of news clippings all about The Fairview Strangler and his victims.

Eddie is a latchkey kid
Mary Alice (Yes, Mary Alice!!!) is on her jog when she notices a young Eddie sitting outside, while his parents are fighting loudly inside. Then, his dad runs out with his wife running after him, begging him not to leave. Mary Alice tells him he shouldn’t be speaking in front of his child that way, but he gets in his car angrily and drives away.

Later, Mary Alice appears at their door with some mac and cheese and talks her way into the house. She finds Barbara, a bitter woman with no hope that she’ll find love again. Later, Mary Alice comes by again to bring the kid a teddy bear when she discovers that Barbara has left him alone. She then goes to find her at a bar and basically drags her back home. I love spunky Mary Alice.

Back at the house, Eddie’s mom tells Mary Alice that she’s sorry, but she needs a man. Mary Alice reminds her that being a mother means putting the children’s needs before your own. Eddie’s mom nods, then after Mary Alice leaves, she hugs Eddie while she tells him it’s not his fault he ruined her life. So twisted!

Eddie shoots down a bird (and Gaby)
Gabrielle met Eddie the day she moved to Wisteria Lane. She discovered him playing in her bathtub. After trying to kick him out, he won her over by telling her she’s pretty. Then he offers to help her unpack her boxes. Over the next week, they seem to have created a routine of him doing stuff for her, like her nails.

One day, Carlos drops by in the middle of the day and he and Gaby get all sexy-like. At one point, they’re taking a bubble bath together, then, um, Eddie comes by. Carlos freaks out and Gaby tells Eddie to get out. Afterward, Carlos tells Gaby that she can’t spend her days with a little kid. She then goes outside and tells Eddie that they can’t spend so much time together and he takes it really badly. Before he runs off, he tells her she’s not so pretty. Hah. Smart kid.

When he gets home, he finds his mother messing around with some guy on the couch. He then grabs his beebee gun and goes outside. He sees a bird and then takes aim.

Eddie would kill to find the right woman
Bree hires a teenage Eddie to paint his house. She gives him a tip and tells him to spend it on his girlfriend. When he tells her that he doesn’t have one, Bree sees her next project! She gives him tips on how to “woo” the object of his affection at school. But then, she finds out the apple of his eye is her daughter, Danielle. And poor Eddie is pulling all the moves Bree told him to pull. So, Bree goes to his house and talks to his mom. Of course, his bitter mother thinks it’s hilarious and twists Bree’s words when Eddie arrives home. It’s clear Bree is horrified at what she had caused.

Days later, Eddie returns to Bree’s house to work and she apologizes. In tears, Eddie tells her that he just wants a girl to love him (much like Barbara just wanted a man to love her years ago). Bree tells him that he just needs to be patient and someday someone will accept him.

It’s night and Eddie is on a dark street hiring a prostitute. Before they do the deed, he pulls a bouquet of flowers out of his car for her and she finds it funny. Laughing, Eddie’s goes all crazy stare on her and next thing we know – one less prostitute in Fairview.

Eddie had his eyes set on Susan, not Julie
Susan is getting her coffee when she peeps Eddie doing a pencil sketch. She’s impressed by his talent, but thinks he could work on his technique. After he tells her that his mom thinks he’s wasting his time, Susan offers to tutor him. After a few weeks, she sees so much improvement in him that she buys him a two-week course at The Art Institute.  

Excited after three days in the program, Eddie comes over to Susan’s place only to find out that she’s marrying Mike that afternoon – again. He’s totally taken aback and tells her that it seems so quick. Then, out of nowhere, he tells her to marry him. She laughs at the suggestion and I’m sure it took all his control not to take her down right there. Instead, she tells him he’s sweet and runs back upstairs to finish getting ready. Eddie then opens his portfolio to a sketch of Susan and he rips it apart. At the ceremony later, he sits in the back row on the verge of tears. That night, he stalks Susan’s house and when he sees someone come out, he runs over and strangles the woman. Once she’s on the ground, he looks down and sees that he attacked the wrong woman.

At the hospital, Susan walks in to find Eddie visiting Julie. He tells her that whoever did this doesn’t belong on the earth. When he says the person who did this should kill himself, Susan says whoever it was doesn’t have the strength to do that and Eddie agrees.

Eddie’s mom is dead drunk
At Lynette’s house, the family has Eddie over for charades when Eddie’s mom comes over. She accuses him of stealing her booze and tells him that he needs to go home, making a scene in front of Lynette and Tom.

Then next day, he goes over to Lynette’s to work on their car and he doesn’t want to talk about the night before. Lynette tells Tom that she’s feeling awful about doing nothing about Eddie’s mother over all these years, even though everyone knows she’s a horrible drunk. Oy, I’m with Tom on this one. What the heck is Lynette planning?

When Eddie gets home, he finds Barbara reading his scrapbook with all The Fairfield Strangler news clippings. She asks him point blank if he had anything to do with hurting those girls and Eddie nods yes. She then goes nuts when she realizes that he’ll probably blame her terrible mothering for making him a killer. When she picks up the phone to report him to the police, while at the same time yelling that she should have never had him, Eddie goes nuts. He strangles her dead.

Just then, Lynette comes over and tells Eddie that she wants him to move in with them. She sees Barbara’s body on the floor and she assumes she passed out drunk. Eddie smiles through his tears and accepts Lynette’s offer.

I really like Josh Zuckerman as Eddie. What an outstanding acting job on tonight’s episode! I’m also totally subscribing to the episode’s conclusion – monsters create monsters. I can’t wait to see how it all works out.

Will Lynette pay for her latest act of good will? Who will be Eddie’s next victim?

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