desperate housewives season 7 finale doug savant abc 2 'Desperate Housewives' Doug Savant: Tom's 'done jumping through hoops'

Going into Sunday’s (May 15) “Desperate Housewives” season finale, Tom (played by Doug Savant) and Lynette’s (Felicity Huffman) marriage is at a crossroads. While we’ve seen them have conflicts over work before, we’ve never really seen them go at it as we did in the last episode.
“For seven years,” Savant tells Zap2it. “This character has jumped through every hoop Lynette has asked him to jump through and he’s done jumping through hoops. He’s done exactly what she wanted and she’s going to have to adjust.”
We talked to Savant about the history of Tom and Lynette’s marriage leading up to the fragile state we’ll find them in the finale, what he wants for his character, and what we can expect in the finale.
Let’s start with a couple great lines from the last episode. First, Lynette said, “You’re not the CFO of this household!” Tell me about the significance of that line when it comes to Tom and Lynette’s marriage.
As you know, Tom and Lynette are in uncharted territory for these two where Tom is really sort of fighting back. She is just entrenched in controlling. That’s the only way I can put it in this moment. She cannot give up control of her place in the family structure and the dynamic of this relationship is being threatened by Tom’s success.

We’ve seen both of your characters in and out of the home and work. So, what’s the difference this time?
I think the primary difference this time is that a few episodes back Lynette was in the kitchen when Tom did not want to accept this new position – he thought he should remain working for Carlos [Richard Chavira] who bailed him out of a bad situation and gave him a chance at having a career again. She said, ‘Look at you, you’re 46 and you’re sort of nowhere.’ And she didn’t take that back and Tom says, ‘You’re not going to take that back?’ From that moment on, Tom committed to ‘OK, you want to see if I can be a success, you want to see that this can happen?’ He commits to that and is making that happen and now the irony is that’s it’s not making Lynette happy.
That brings us to another great line from the last episode. Tom tells Lynette she’s a “raging b***h.” How great was that line for the character and for you as an actor?
One of the things we ask ourselves when we’re shooting that kind of scene is how is this scene different from every other scene we’ve ever shot, every other conflict. Our director Larry Shaw said that what he wanted from the scene more than anything was that they have deep contempt. So, it isn’t just that sort of inflammatory word that he called her, but it’s that they are contemptuous of one another in that moment to a degree that we’ve never seen before.

desperate housewives season 7 finale doug savant felicity huffman abc 'Desperate Housewives' Doug Savant: Tom's 'done jumping through hoops'

Zap2it readers have told us they don’t want Tom and Lynette to break up. But as an actor, is there any hope that the writers will actually go there?
Frankly, I’m like your fan base. I don’t want them to break up. I’m proud of what the relationship represents to America. It’s a good marriage. I think despite the conflicts they’ve had in the past, that they’ve always had a deep and profound love for one another that has gotten them through and a deep, profound respect for one another. And I think those are great things to represent, so I’m actually like your fan base. I’m rooting for Tom and Lynette. It drives me crazy. Really, I wish she’d just snap out of it and see what a great husband she has [laughs].
What kind of ride are we in for in the finale?
Well, first and foremost, it’s a great two hours of television. The writers have done an unbelievable job. Susan [Teri Hatcher] is coming back to the Lane and there will be a progressive dinner party that runs from house to house. So, it’s always a blast to shoot those, because the cast is always together. There’s just these very diverse elements at play. Tom and Lynette are having a dramatic storyline while Brie [Marcia Cross] is having a comedic storyline and Rene’s [Vanessa Williams] storyline goes off in a hysterical sort of direction when she finds that her ex-husband is getting remarried. And then of course it wouldn’t be a finale on ‘Desperate Housewives’ without some mystery and some dark undertow. There’s a little bit of mystery surrounding a presence in Gaby’s [Eva Longoria] life at the moment. 
What can you tell us about the murder the previews have been teasing?
I don’t know if I’m very good at this. How do I tease this? You’ll not be disappointed. There will be blood. How’s that? [laughs] 
The two-hour Season 7 finale of “Desperate Housewives” airs Sunday, May 15 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.
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