Last week, “Desperate Housewives” spent the entire episode explaining Eddie (played excellently by Josh Zuckerman), who we learned is The Fairview Strangler. Did they think it was so out of left field that they had to dedicate an hour to explaining it?

When Lynette decided to take in the troubled teen, we knew she was in for it. After this next episode, Lynette will also get a clue.

Also in the next episode: Gabrielle and Susan begin to piece together that Carlos and Mike are keeping secrets from them. Patrick (John Barrowman) finally reveals himself to Angie and Bree discovers someone who knows Sam (played by Sam Page) very well. So, it sounds like the housewives are in for some major revelations in the next episode.

Have you bought into Eddie as The Fairview Strangler?

Note: This video will expire on May 3.

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Correction: Barrymore changed to Barrowman. Thanks!

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