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ABC has been baiting us all summer with amazing casting announcements for the seventh season of “Desperate Housewives.” Viewers and critics were thrilled with the idea that The Lane would be getting the shot in the arm it needed. Did they pull it off? 
We learned that Mark Moses was returning to reprise his role as Paul Young last season, but since then Vanessa Williams and Brian Austin Green signed on. Not to mention, tonight’s big treats: Harriet Sansom Harris as Felicia Tilman and Lainie Kazan as Susan’s (Teri Hatcher) entrepreneurial landlord.
  • Paul Young’s return in the premiere episode is exceptionally strong. His storyline is tight and makes every sense in the show’s world. The best part about it is that he is very clear that his motive is to punish his neighbors for not supporting him during his trial and subsequent decade or so he was in prison. You know when The Lane’s big bad is quick to disclose his intentions, then there’s going to be much more to the storyline. And that “much more’s” name is Felicia Tilman. Did anyone else think that was a genius new layer to Paul’s story? Who do you think will accomplish their evil plan first?
  • Brian Austin Green didn’t have much to do, but look hunky in a tank top. We do think the writing was very good in setting up Orson (Kyle MacLachlan) and Bree’s (Marcia Cross) separation, so that Green’s character, Keith the contractor, can enter the show seamlessly. When Bree realized he may be a nice distraction for her and gave him that look? Priceless. Go ahead, get your cougar on, Bree!
  • We saved the best for last (hehe): Williams’ Renee Perry. Renee didn’t enter with guns blazing as the ABC promos depicted, but she was still quite a breath of fresh air. Just when her verbal sparring with Lynette (Felicity Huffman) began to grow tiresome, the writers moved Renee in a more serious direction. Her marriage is on the rocks and she had nowhere else to go. That scene was both touching and comedic and anyone with a longtime friend could understand that relationships can be equal parts loving and competitive.

Other OMG moments:
  • Poor Juanita Solis (Madison de La Garza), who it was disclosed was the baby switched at birth. She’s our favorite kid on the block and to think there’s a possibility by the end of the season that she may be gone.
  • We’re not feeling Susan living off The Lane. Producers, move her back. Stat! (please)
  • Hello, Carlos (Ricardo Chavira). Lookin’ good, sir.
Overall, we thought it was a well-played premiere. Was it good for you?

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